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B.P. Arts, S.M.A. Science, K.K.C. Commerce College , Chalisgaon

Chalisgaon, Dist Jalgaon

In this faculty we run B.A. and M.A. degree programmes along with M.Phil & Ph.D programmes.
The subjects :

1) English 2) Marathi 3) Hindi 4) Economics 5) Politics 6) Psychology.

7) Geography are available at both General and Special level. Along with the above subjects.

1) Education 2) Defence and Strategic Studies are available at general Level only.
The following subjects are available in our college for M.A. (entire).

1) English    2) Marathi    3) Economics 4) Political Science. 5) Geography.

M.Phil & Ph.D. programmes, Marathi, Political Science.

In this faculty we run B.Sc. and M.Sc. degree programmes along with M.Phil & Ph.D programmes
Following subjects are available at B.Sc. degree (Special level) :

1) Botany

2) Zoology

3) Chemistry

4) Physics

5) Computer Science

6) Mathematics

7) Electronics

8) Biotechnology
Subjects at general level :

1) Statistics

2) Geography

3) Psychology.

4) English/ Marathi only at S.Y.B.Sc. Level

Ours is the only college having Psychology subject available to science faculty students in North Maharashtra University.

M.Sc. available in subjects -   1) Zoology     2) Computer Science

M.Phil & Ph.D programmes in zoology is available.
In this faculty we run B.Com. and M.Com. level degree programmes:
B.Com. Degree 

M.Com. Degree
M.Phil & Ph.D programmes.

Courses For under graduate students :-
• Certificate Course in Communicative English.

• Certificate Course in Tourism & Travel Management.

• Certificate Course in Software Technology.

• Certificate Course in Leadership & Local Administration.

• Certificate Course in Industrial Fish & Fisharies.

• Diploma in Tourism & Travel Management.
Any student who has passed H.S.C. or equivalent examination can seek admission to certificate course. After completion of certificate course the student can seek admission for relevant Diploma and the after successful completion of diploma the admission to Advance diploma can be provided.

Postgraduation Diploma in Disaster Management.

Postgraduation Diploma in Disaster Management is a need of recent world. The course is aided by U.G.C. New Delhi. Any students who have completed Graduation in any discipline can seek admission to this course.

M.Phil & Ph.D.

Our college has a recognized research laboratory in Zoology.

Following staff members of our college are recognized as research guides for M.Phil. / Ph.D.

Prin. Dr.G.P.Wani - Zoology

Dr. V.N.Patil – Marathi

Dr. A.D.Yeole – Commerce

Dr. K.B.Gangapurkar – Marathi

Dr. D.S. Nikumbh – Political Science

Dr.A.D. Shelke - Zoology


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