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Chalisgaon Education Society

B.P. Arts, S.M.A. Science, K.K.C. Commerce College , Chalisgaon

Chalisgaon, Dist Jalgaon

  The college has 34 Acres of Land on which we have -
1) Cricket ground

2) Kho-kho ground

3) Basket ball ground

4) Hand ball ground

5) 400 metres running track

6) Stadium

7) Modern Gymnasium

8) Kabaddi ground
  The sports equipments available are –
  1) Wrestling mats
  2) Cricket Practice Net
  3) Sight Screen for cricket
   4) Hurdle Stands
  5) Weight Lifting Set
  6) Cricket Mat
  7) Table Tennis Tables
  8) Carroms and Chess Boards.
  9) Single Bar
  10) Double Bar
  11) Weight Training Set (50 Kg.)
  Equipments for exercise in Gymnasium :-
1) Hyper Extension Bench

2) Vibrator Belt.

3) Multi Gym 12 station (720 kg.)

4) Peck Deck Machine

5) Multi Gym 4 station (300 kg.)

6) Adjustable Dumbbell (20 Kg.)

7) Cycle with Speedometer

8) Rowing Machine
In addition to these equipments, Cricket Kit, Badminton Rackets, Shuttle Cocks, Table Tennis Rackets and Balls, Tennis Balls, Athletic equipments such as Shot Put, Discus, Javelin, Hammer, Spikes, Starting Blocks, Foot Pump etc. are provided during practice of the different games.

1. Internet Center
2. Library
3. Reading Rooms
4. Boys & Girls Hostel
5. Health Center
6. Ladies Room
7. Canteen
8. Parlking
9. Counselling Center
10. Career Guidance Cell
11. Earn & Learn Scheme
12. Counselling Center
13. Remedial Coaching

The students avail the following financial aids from Central Government, State Government, Institutes and others.in the colllege.
  1) National Merit Scholarship
  2) State Government Merit Scholarship
  3) Scholarship for non Hindi mother tongue students.
  4) Public school scholarship.
  5) Scholarship in the subjects of Physics and mathematics.
  6) State Government open merit scholarship.
  7) Scholarship for sons and daughters of secondary teachers..
  8) Scholarship for the sons and daughters of freedom fighters.
  9) Scholarship for physically handicapped students
10) Indian Government Scholarship.
11) College scholarships
12) Freeship for Economically backward students from State Government ( E.B.C.)
13) Freeship for sons and daughters of primary and secondary teachers.
14) Freeship for sons and daughters of soldiers.
15) Indian Government Freeships for Backward Classes
16) Concessions by State transport and Indian Railways for day to day travelling.
17) Others – Thirty Cash Prizes from various donors are available to meritorious students.
18) Eklavya Arthik Sahayya Yojana.
19) Post Matric Scholarship Scheme for Minority.

The rules and regulations and criteria of eligibility and amount for above mentioned financial aids are given in detail in the college prospectus.
1. Bringing together the alumni once in a year by arranging programmes.
2. To make academically useful suggestions with the changing environment of society. The college
     receives very good feed back from this gathering.
3. Raising funds and donations for college.
The members of alumni provide expertise to the present students in the form of academic lectures.
The college imparts value-based education by the following practices.
1) Promoting Community work projects.
2) Social awareness.
3) AIDS awareness.
4) Environment awareness.
5) Blood donation camp.
6) National Integration through the activities like NSS & NCC.
7) Computer & Information Technology awareness program.
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